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Energy of the future

Energy Design already has over 20 years of experience with electrical energy distribution. Johan Roggeman, the manager of Energy Design, graduated with an MSc in Industrial Engineering specialising in Electricity, and has studied this topic in depth for 20 years.

At Energy Design we constantly focus on the future so that we can offer our customers state-of-the-art solutions.

Our solutions provide higher energy efficiency. We ensure that you save money and at the same time make your activities more sustainable. We do this with energy measurement campaigns, energy management software, energy storage systems and studies of electrical installations.

Doing business with a view to sustainability and achieving better results. We help you achieve these objectives using a combination of creativity, perseverance and expertise.

Do you want to save energy through better energy management? Or would you like to store the solar energy from your solar panels in batteries? Then Energy Design is your perfect partner.

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