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Software for energy management

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Long-term energy management


Successfully managing the energy efficiency of your company is no walk in the park. From day-to-day utilities to automated machinery, energy breathes life into your company and ensures that it keeps running. It’s a cost that it’s difficult for you to save on… or is it?

Energy management is a complex issue, and for many companies a missed opportunity to save on unnecessary costs. Now that energy costs are visibly rising, people are gradually realising that it can be very advantageous financially to optimise energy consumption.

The mission of Energy Design is simple: we provide you with clear insight into your energy consumption so that you can make the most economical and cost-efficient choices.

How exactly do we go about that? With smart meters and personalised eSight software.


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Smart meters


The first step in successful energy management is installation of smart meters. We install these sophisticated meters, in consultation with the customer, at strategic locations within the company. Our specialists come by appointment to install the devices, after which they immediately begin to record valuable data.

Our solution: smart meters

  • Our solution is brand-independent. That means that it can be used with any installation and machine, regardless of the manufacturer.

  • We forward the measured consumption data to our cloud platform, Energy Web. That can be done both by wire and wirelessly. You can then consult the energy data online.

  • We can measure various types of energy/data. Consider for example temperatures, operating hours and production quantities.

The collected data are subsequently read into eSight, a specialised software package with which you can analyse and optimise these energy data.


eSight: energy software in the cloud

Now you have collected the data you need on your energy consumption. But this is usually the sticking point: how do you interpret that abundance of data, and how do you translate it into economical and efficient energy management?

Our advanced software, called eSight, processes all those data for you. eSight is a server application and so can be used simply via an internet browser; local installation is unnecessary.

The advantages of eSight:

  • Monitor complicated processes easily.

  • analysis of performance (production processes, energy generation, cogeneration and HVAC facilities).

  • energy management on the basis of data: predict energy consumption, manage and save on energy costs.

  • a cloud-based solution for energy management, so you can consult eSight anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

  • you can start with a few meters and expand without limitation.

In a nutshell, eSight allows you to establish an efficient energy profile for your company. If there is a deviation from this, the software allows it to be automatically monitored. So the system is fully automated.


Practical installation

In short: Energy Design takes care of the entire installation from A to Z. This applies to both installing the smart meters and finetuning all the accompanying software. Specifically, we handle:

  • The entire installation of the hardware architecture. We deliver, install and activate the smart meters and data loggers.

  • Setting up personalised energy reports and energy dashboards.

  • Hosting of your energy accounting on our Energy Web cloud platform with eSight software.

  • Linking of the energy monitoring data to other software (ERP databases, Fluvius, AMR).

  • Customised solutions for automatic reporting and analyses, in addition to the standard reports available.

  • A total solution with low investment cost. This cost depends on the number of measurement points read in.

  • Training and support for your employees.

Ready to monitor your energy consumption efficiently and economically? Take a look at our user demo or contact us with no obligation to discuss your project.

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