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Energy Measurements

Energy measurements with smart meters

Do you sometimes have doubts about the energy performance of the facilities in your company? Do they consume their energy optimally, or are there certain weak links that lead to a loss of energy? There are in fact many factors that have an effect on the performance of your machinery, from humidity to ambient temperature, and of course electricity too.

Energy measurement


How exactly do you find out where the problem lies and what is needed to improve your consumption and performance? The answer: with accurate energy measurements with smart meters. Practically, such an energy measurement works as follows:

  • We inspect together the locations where you think you detect energy loss.

  • After the analysis we install a mobile measuring unit at (a) strategic location(s). This is a smart meter that not only monitors the energy flow precisely, but also forwards the data digitally for further online analyses.

  • The mobile measuring unit monitors your energy consumption continuously for several days/weeks (depending on the project).

  • Energy Design comes to pick up the mobile measuring unit after the agreed period and reviews the results of the measurements together with you (interim reports are also possible).

If you want to monitor your energy consumption for longer periods, be sure to take a look at our eSight software for energy management. From a practical viewpoint this is the same product and the same service, but more economical for companies that want to do energy monitoring over the longer term.


Energy consumption: more than just electricity

During our energy measurements the focus lies on electricity in most cases. But there are also other factors or ‘energy forms’ that have a big influence on your consumption and/or play an important role in your production process or business model.

Consider for example gas, air pressure or humidity, CO2 or heat. Minute losses per machine or pipe can add up enormously in the long term. Energy Design also has smart meters that detect the loss of such ‘energy forms’ – so you can significantly improve the energy performance of your company, regardless of the form of energy or substance that is most relevant for you.


Energy management reporting and practical advice


You never have to wait long for the results of the measurements. As soon as the mobile measuring unit has been set up, you can view the first results immediately.

reporting and advice

When our mobile measuring unit has collected sufficient data, you get a clear overview of all the individual measurements as well as personalised reports and analyses on how you can optimise your energy consumption.

Furthermore, our eSight software calculates how much these investments can save you in advance, so you know the return on your modifications exactly beforehand and you can determine whether they will be cost-efficient.


The price tag for a mobile measuring unit

If you want to increase the performance of your machinery, you naturally want to save on costs. So we provide our temporary mobile measuring unit starting at € 300/week. This excludes installation and varies from project to project, depending on your wishes and needs.

Monitoring your energy consumption in the long term? Then be sure to check out our eSight software for energy management.

mobile measuring unit

Would you like more information about our temporary mobile measuring unit or a customised price offer for your project? Feel free to contact us for more advice or a personalised, no-obligation quote.

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