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Car chargers 22kW – parking spaces (e-mobility)


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Wonderful design, futureproof for e-mobility infrastructure projects.

22kW charge pole with 1 socket.

Siemens busbars

New designed power distribution system via Siemens busbar trunking system.

This solution offers multiple benefits: easy adaptable, extendable, reliable and safe.


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The engineering of an electric vehicle charging project includes calculation of short-circuit values, feeder cables, protection devices, voltage drop, energy balance, selectivity.

Project Scope:

Electrical car charging solution for parking spaces.

Delivering and installing an electrical car charging solution for indoor parking spaces. Wall mounted chargers with load balancer.

Installing a new electrical cabinet and busbar trunking system for power distribution and providing necessary documentation for certified control organism.

With internet connection to Mobility Service Provider.


Software: Charge Amps Cloud

Hardware: Charge Amps DAWN 22kW chargers, Enegic Loadbalancer, Siemens busbars


Setup a reliable charging solution for large EV infrastructure projects.

Wall mounted chargers.

Fed via new, flexible Energy Busbar System distributed in the entire building.

Operated via Mobility Service Provider (Mobiflow) charge cards.

Active load balancing to avoid tripping of main fuse.

No interruption/shut-down when adding new EV chargers to the installation. 



Car chargers 22kW – companies and parking spaces (e-mobility)