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Energy storage

We’re all attaching more and more importance to the environment and green energy such as solar energy. So many people are making use of a PV installation or solar panels. Storing that green energy demands an efficient and personalised approach for optimal performance. Energy Design will be happy to help you with this!


hernieuwbare energie oplossingen


Customised battery storage

Energy Design offers a personalised storage system based on your needs. We map out your consumption and measure how much energy you produce. Using these data, we calculate how much power and capacity you need.

After this calculation we choose from two possible solutions. We either integrate your existing PV installation and keep the inverters, or we provide a completely new setup. This way we ensure that extra losses are prevented. The PV direct current is connected directly to the batteries.

By using this system you avoid having to pay more due to constantly increasing grid fees. You become price-independent, and in addition benefit from your own produced power without having to sell any excess energy to external parties (so-called ‘injection’). You simply keep any reserve for your own use, which is more profitable for you in the longer term.


The price tag and practical information

Green energy is undoubtedly the future, but what about the practical and financial side of battery storage?

The dimensions of such a battery storage system are 132 cm x 200 cm x 61 cm (width x height x depth). So in terms of size, this cost-effective solution takes up a minimum of space. Due to the compact dimensions you can easily install your storage system in inconspicuous locations in your home or office.

Because of the personalised approach, no two battery storage systems are the same. Therefore the price also varies depending on your needs and wishes. What we can tell you, however, is that the cost price of the system is already recovered in 11 years at the most. With an optimally chosen battery storage system you can be up to 80% energy-independent as of the first day of your investment; in other words, you choose security and the highest return, because energy costs will continue to increase. So it’s not just ecologically, but also financially, advantageous.

Because your battery system is fully operational and independent of the grid, it can also serve as a backup system for your business or home. In addition, it functions as grid stabilisation for the grid manager, if desired.


Reducing your energy bill

By using PV panels you produce your own green energy. The amount of energy that your solar panels produce naturally depends on the season and time of day. Is your production greater than your consumption? Then our system ensures that your extra energy is not lost, or that you need not sell it to external parties (so-called ‘injection’). So you can still make use of green energy in less sunny seasons thanks to our battery storage system.

Moreover, your energy bill is determined by the total consumption and how it is divided between peak and off-peak times. The greater part of the cost is for distribution and transmission of electricity. Because these distribution costs will rise in the future, it’s smart to invest in a battery storage system now. With our solution we inject no energy into the grid. So you also no longer pay a prosumer contribution.


Electricity via solar panels

Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity – that’s obvious. You yourself will produce a large part of the energy that you consume. You simply put the excess production on the grid. If you then briefly have a shortage, you can take this back from the grid. So this already works like a battery, but you do have to pay for it. This is the so-called prosumer contribution. You can avoid this prosumer contribution by choosing our battery storage system.


How we work

How we work 1


We install an energy meter to determine your consumption profile exactly.

How we work 2


We calculate how much power and capacity your battery system needs.

how we work 3


We install all the hardware and software ourselves.

You get a 10-year product warranty on both the inverters and the batteries.

how we work 4


We monitor your battery system online and inform you of its output and operation.



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