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CO2 meters

Air quality measurement with CO2 meters

In comparison with May of last year, when the Superior Health Council published its first advice on this topic, it is now clearer that the spread of coronavirus by aerosols plays an important role in transmission of the viral infection in enclosed spaces. The CO2 content of the air is an indirect indicator of the quality of ventilation.

Advice of the Superior Health Council (February 2021)

The Superior Health Council advises providing a fresh air flow rate of at least 50 m3/hr per person in enclosed spaces, and preferably 80 m3/hr per person, with the aim of a CO2 content below 800 ppm, and preferably even lower than this value. A CO2 concentration reading above the recommended or required values is a good indicator of inadequate ventilation and/or too high an occupancy of the space. In that case corrective measures are needed. 

Message of the Superior Health Council, February 2021

Insight into the air quality of your work environment 

With Energy Design we can provide insight into the air quality by installing our mobile measuring unit with CO2 sensors. During this measurement campaign you can follow all the measured values online, and an alarm (e-mail) is automatically generated when 800ppm is exceeded.

We also offer CO2 sensors for permanent installation. A warning (orange light) can be given via a simple display on this sensor as soon as the CO2 level is higher than 800 ppm, and an alarm signal (red light) as soon as the threshold of 1000 ppm is exceeded.

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The figure shows the CO2 monitoring alarm threshold being exceeded in a work environment. The data are read out via a mobile measuring unit and can be consulted online. 


Do you too need detailed insight into how healthy your work environment is? Contact us, with no obligation, to discuss your project, or download our info brochure about Energy Design.




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