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electric car charging

SMART ELECTRIC CAR CHARGING: how do you get started?

Charging on alternating current or direct current? How fast can I charge? How many cars can I charge at the same time without the main fuse tripping? What is the most economical way of charging for me?


ENERGY DESIGN makes a clear analysis of your installation

Grafiek elektrisch laden

  • What is your current consumption profile?
  • How much spare capacity do you have left to charge cars?
  • Is investing in solar panels and batteries profitable?

SMART CAR CHARGING is the solution

Smart charging means that you take into account the available energy from your electricity grid and solar panels and then intelligently distribute it over your charging stations. Thanks to intelligent communication, cars can be charged in the most economical way.

The table below shows that an enormous amount of power is required to charge electric cars quickly.



tabel elektrische wagens


FYI: a standard electrical connection for a home is about 9kW, a company with its own high-voltage cabin has a minimum connection of 160kW


LOAD BALANCING, the intelligent approach

Load balancing or dividing consumption according to a specific priority over the available electrical power is necessary.
In this way you can optimize your investment, save electricity costs and, moreover, also obtain shorter charging times.



We can prepare a clear report of the electrical installation for end customers, consultancy firms and installers. This forms the basis for your investment in charging infrastructure, solar panels or batteries.

Together with our partners, we can also offer you a total solution. Contact us for more information.

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