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Energy measurement at Unilin


Thanks to our energy measurements you get insight into the consumption of different production lines, compressors and extraction units. With our energy measurements these processes can be optimised to reduce energy loss.

Energy Design conducted an energy measurement for a production plant at Unilin, a producer of flooring, panels and insulation. We installed a measurement system of 16 measurement sensors in three transformer substations to map out the energy consumption for one week. With the results of this measurement Unilin was able to get to work to further optimise the consumption of the various production lines.



Unilin energy engineer:

"In a week’s time we got detailed insight into the consumptions of our production plant. Thanks to the simultaneous metering, set up in just a few hours, we were also able to follow the energy flows online.”


The energy measurement process:

  1. Current sensors are placed around the cables.
    Stroomsensoren rond kabels
  2. We set up a wireless network so that the energy meters can forward their data to the eSight energy platform.
    Draadloos netwerk
  3. The data are available online immediately after installation via the eSight platform.



Are you interested in having an energy measurement conducted too, or do you have further questions or comments? Feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

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